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The quickest way to become an atheist is to read the Bible. The
Northern Light Baptist group that just left one by the door should get
a clue from the JW’s who came by earlier today and just hand out
flyers. Handing out bibles might back fire if people actually take
the time to read them. Plus flyers will take up less space in the
land fills since that is where most of them probably end up.
Interestingly the mormons don’t come by much anymore– at least they
figured it out that I’m not interested, though they still mail us
invitations. Even thought it wasn’t the mormons this time, it still
reminded me of this funny video about an Austrailian who flies to Utah
to knock on doors to spread the message of atheism. Some of the
responses were classic.

I feel bad that they are indoctrinating the kids in the neighborhood
and wonder what the best inoculation would be. The NLB christian cult
has been around all summer and are rude when you tell them you’re not
interested. Once they rope you in, they start drilling into their
members heads anti-science, and intolerance. Education is the easy
answer, but that’s too easy. How? Fight fire with fire like Safran
did? I don’t know, but I’d love them to leave and find another
community to infect with their hate, superstition, and lies.


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Spent the day up to my neck with a net in the Kenai and only caught two.  Although it was late in the season, from what I heard if I had been there even one week before, I’d have done much better.  All the fishing boats at the river’s head probably didn’t help.  But I’m glad they were allowed extra time to fish since the fish count was too high.


There are powerful mining interests in this state that would for 30 pieces of silver destroy our rivers, the fish, and sustainable jobs.

This corporate game isn’t new.  These crooked companies come into towns like Dillingham and reap all the profits and leave the locals with the devastation.  They have done it before and will do it again.

Last Week the LA Times had excellent report on the Proposed “Pebble Mine” and its pending attack on Alaska.


Alaska fishermen circle their boats to fight mine


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